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Moving Security Screens can provide staff protection in a number of environments, with our flagship Fast Rising Screen solution being able to provide ballistic protection in an open-counter environment in 0.5 seconds through a pneumatic system.

Moving Security Screens


Moving Security Screens – sometimes referred to as Electronic or Pneumatic Rising Screens depending on specification – are a range of standard and bespoke rising security screens that can be powered and controlled with ease with the touch of a button. Moving Screens are designed to help combat various security situations, providing the freedom for open counter trading while still maintaining the staff security and support from raising and lowering the shield.

The addition of a Moving Screen in a business allows for the ability to be able to counteract several security and Equality Act issues that might develop when building a robust security strategy.



  • Fast Rising Screens offer instant protection in the fraction of a second and can be activated with the touch of a button, instantly and pneumatically deploying a large protective barrier from the counterwork. The Ballistic/Bullet Resistant and Manual Attack Resistant barrier cuts off the aggressors by immediately removing the audio and visual communication.
  • CounterShield is a moving manual attack resistant screen that can be moved up and down in a discreet manner to vary the level of protection in proportion to the perceived risk. In the event of a potential threat or attack, the moving screen can be quickly lowered from an open counter trading position to create a complete division between the staff and public side.
  • Eye-2-Eye is a moving electronic security window and counter desk module that changes the height to meet requirements of customers and staff and is often specified as a Ticket Window in Transport and Event/Stadia Environments.

The Safetell Difference is being able to take a product and tailor it to your needs, providing a transparent project management experience; from first contact, to the installation and support of your solution. Depending on security specifications, Moving Security Screens are available in a wide range of custom sizes, resistance levels and branding to fit the security plan needed.


Enquire today about our leasing and flexible payment options available to help provide cost-effective security solutions to suit an array of businesses.

Resistance Levels

Our security screens can be specified to manual attack and bullet resistance, depending on the type of screen and specification.


CounterShield’s have seen significant success in the police, education and healthcare sectors, as well as 24/7 services and operations, while Fast Rising Screens are frequently seen in high street banking outlets and government buildings.

Solutions available

Fast Rising Screen

Eye-2-Eye Equality Counter


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Counter works + Service Desks

Counters and Desks can be designed to your specification to aid transaction of goods and services between staff and customers, offering resistance to the required level with a tailored solution that can harmoniously integrate with your corporate branding and working practices.

Security Windows and Glazing

Security Windows can be tailored to your protection requirements, offering a reinforced glass solution that shields staff from threats, mitigating the potential loss of assets. Security Windows can be built into your building fabric or integrated seamlessly into an existing counter installation, allowing for a bespoke solution to match the requirements of any organisation.

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