Interlocking Doors

We are a leading designer, manufacturer, installer, and maintenance provider of a range of counter terror security products. Our extensive range of Interlocking Doors are integral to providing a comprehensive defense against terrorism in specialized buildings and in areas with a high-chance of attack. Interlocking Doors can be referred to as ‘Mantraps,’ ‘Circlelocks,’ and ‘Airlock Doors.’

Interlocking Doors and Airlocks are counter terror solutions to buildings with private or secure areas. Whether combined with an access control solution to restrict access, or a gated method to enforce a steady thoroughfare, our range of doors can be bespoke designed to your specifications.

Interlocking Doors work by creating a secure enclosure. Once an entry request has been received, the outer door opens, allowing the user to step in. When they have, the detection system starts – whether it’s infrared on top checking for tailgating, a metal detector for weapons, biometric identification, weight limits. Once these checks have been carried out, the outer door closes, the inner door opens and the user can step out.

From specification to installation and maintenance, at Safetell we provide end-to-end service by working with you through every part of your security journey. Our approach is to secure you in a manner that suits you best. We want to create enduring partnerships, allowing for a consultative approach to protection as your needs change.