Door Automation

Free up your business entrance with both automatic and semi-automatic door systems, allowing for greater access.

Swing Door Automation

Adapt your security solution to provide access to people with health conditions or impairments in accordance with the Equality Act 2015 with Swing Door Automation, helping create a secure and stress-free work environment.

Swing Door Automation is available to a range of manual attack and ballistic/bullet resistant security doors, and can be implemented to your bespoke requirements.

Swing Door Automation can be retrofitted to existing doors, as well as new builds, to provide automatic door opening for those in need; such as families or parents with pushchairs, wheelchair users and disabled people. In addition, Swing Door Automation adds benefit for helping staff and cleaners, alleviating the need for a heavy door needing to be held open.


A wide range of Push Button Activators are available for integration into your corporate and organisational branding, including through glass proximity and Steel Intruder Resistant types. Remote solutions for opening and locking are available to meet the operational requirement typically needed for staff to open or lock a door at a button press.

Swing Door Automation is frequently used in offices, bank branches, retail outlets, doctors surgeries, police stations and leisure facilities.

The Safetell Difference means that bespoke solutions are available for virtually all types of Doors, Security Doors and Door Frames – and enhancements can be made to the system to meet existing installations that are considered heavy or feature awkward positioning.

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Counter works + Service Desks

Service Desks are a form of desk or table purposefully designed for the transaction of goods and services between staff and customers, and is often used as a first port-of-call for any client or customer.

Security Windows and Glazing

Security Windows – sometimes referred to as Security Glazing or Burglary Resistant Windows – is strengthened glass solution designed to work independently or in conjunction with a fortified Counter work and Service Desk installation, helping foster a safer and more relaxed working environment for both employees and visitors. Security Windows can be bespoke designed to your specification, with options available in sizing, resistance levels, and functionality.

Security Doors + Entry Points

Providing access to secure buildings in the form of Security Doors – constructed for manual attack, bullet and blast attack resistance –provides convenience and accessibility in securing buildings both large and small, from front office accessibility in high street banks to deep perimeter data centre entry.

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