Deter and Delay by Design

Deter and Delay by Design is a strategy designed to protect and secure businesses and modern operations now to alleviate greater costs brought on from potential damage and attack in the future. In most situations, this cost is significantly higher, with the potential to make the impact and damage in a multitude of ways; from staff stress to loss of property.

Deter and Delay by Design

Safetell’s bespoke solutions are focused on the Deter and Delay element of Security Management, helping to cater the exact needs to help prevent the potential expenses brought on by the Detect and Response elements.

Deter: Deterrence is about creating a perimeter constructed of environmental and surveillance defences, wherein the goal is to prevent the attacker to even attempt with the property, organisation or area. Deter starts as basic as “No Entry” signs to all out bullet and blast resistant walling and fencing.

Detect: Detection has recently trended towards one of the most important aspects of perimeter security, allowing for closed-circuited television (CCTV) and Access Control to provide an accurate picture of any threats or perpetrators, allowing for identification of the criminals to be found and any possible damage recorded.

Delay: Delaying an act  – sometimes referred to as Denying – is the act of slowing down a criminal through the use of target hardening and physical security solutions, such as installing security doors and bullet resistant walling. A target hardened solution will delay criminals enough so they can be caught in by Respond element.

Respond: Response is the act of security guards and policing that can identify, locate and arrest criminals thanks to the use of the three earlier elements. A successful strategy means that a criminal will have been initially deterred, then detected by surveillance, and ultimately caught and arrested due to the delay measures.

Counter works + Service Desks

Service Desks are a form of desk or table purposefully designed for the transaction of goods and services between staff and customers, and is often used as a first port-of-call for any potential client or customer.

Security Windows and Glazing

Security Windows can be bespoke designed to your specification, with options available in sizing, resistance levels, and functionality

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