Intruder Detection + Monitoring

Gain insight into your organisation with Access Control and CCTV, designed to provide a top-level overview while enhancing security and deterrence through the use of cameras and card readers, allowing for a comprehensive audit trail in the advent of a potential attack or even an internal HR incident.


Intruder Detection and Monitoring in the form of CCTV and Access Control can electronically provide a complete overview of a single organisation, or in some instances, can provide an entirely networked solution that can be monitored globally.

CCTV can be maintained and repaired to a business or operations exact needs, with the ability to opt from a simple and traditional recording as a remote but delayed approach to defence, all the way to more modern and robust Internet-connected approaches with IP CCTV, with solutions available to match the wide variety of businesses and organisations.

Access Control can be specified to the appropriate security access point grading required by your doors, with solutions available to protect a wide variety of businesses and systems; from a single door to a wide multi-door, multi-site infrastructure.


CCTV and Access Control can provide a birdseye view of an organisation, allowing for around-the-clock coverage and monitoring of staff and movement. Access Control, in combination with CCTV, can help control the levels of security granted to individuals within, controlled either through Access Cards or similar.

These solutions are also frequently used throughout retail and corporate environments, with the ability to protect both staff and assets as well as supporting on-site incidents, such as health and safety accidents and illegitimate staff or business claims. This information can also help reduce fraudulent insurance claims.


The Safetell Difference can help you navigate your security needs to find a solution that’s perfect for your operation, and in coordination with your Security Manager or independent Security Auditor, help provide, install and maintain electronic CCTV and Access Control solutions.

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Access Control and Monitoring

Access Control can be specified to a wide variety of environments with different security requirements, from a single door office to a large multi-door, multi-site infrastructure with access for thousands of staff, allowing for a system that can grow and develop with your business as your entry and building management needs change.

CCTV Surveillance Detection

Deter criminals, improve site monitoring, and provide evidence with a CCTV solution, offering greater surveillance and networking, with functionality to match your security requirements; from simple tape capture to cost-effective internet-based solutions, allowing for captured footage to be accessed globally, with multiple sites monitored from a single remote location.

Swing Door Automation

Enhance your security solution and provide access to people with health conditions or impairments in accordance with the Equality Act 2015 with Swing Door Automation, to provide a fully automated or semi-automated solution for new, heavy or existing doors, helping improve ease of access, and in turn, creating a stress-free work environment for all users.

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