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Safetell’s counterwork solutions can be designed and installed for bespoke single-use operations, or constructed in a modular fashion for an efficient and reliable nationwide roll-out.

Counter works + Service Desks


Counter works – sometimes referred to as Service Desks or Retail Counters – is a form of desk or table purposefully designed for transaction of goods and services between staff and customers, and is often used as a first port-of-call for any potential client or customer.

Counter works can be offered in a range of resistance levels, construction materials, shapes and sizes to fit seamlessly into any customer-service or corporate environment; and can be combined with a selection of security and cash protection solutions to help bolster a full secure line. In addition, speech transfer can be used to provide organisation and protection to staff and employees while still ensuring natural communication.



The Safetell Difference is being able to take a product and tailor it to your needs, providing a transparent project management experience; from first contact, to the installation and support of your bespoke solution. Counter works can be specified and budgeted to your exact desires, and can be bespoke designed to seamlessly fit into your business through use of consistent branding design and colours.

Resistance Levels

Counter works can be designed to meet a variety of specifications and resistance levels, including manual attack and bullet attacks.


Counter works are frequently used in a variety of different industries and sectors, including high streets banks, retail shops, pawnbrokers, as well as in education, healthcare and medical facilities, police stations, local governments, rail and transport and corporate offices.

Solutions available

Speech Transfer

Counters + Service Desks

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Electronic Moving Screens

Electronic Moving Screens are a range of standard and bespoke rising security windows that can be powered and controlled at the touch of a button. Electronic Moving Screens are designed to help combat various security situations, providing the freedom for continuing open counter trading while still maintaining full control and support from the raising and lowering the shield.

Security Windows and Glazing

Security Windows – sometimes referred to Security Glazing or Burglary Resistant Windows – is strengthened glass solution designed to work independently or in conjunction with a fortified Counter work and Service Desk installation, helping foster a safer and more relaxed working environment for both employees and visitors. Security Windows can be bespoke designed to your specification, with options available in sizing, resistance levels, and functionality.

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