CCTV Solutions to your specification

Gain insight into your organisation with Access Control and CCTV, designed to provide a top-level overview while enhancing security and deterrence through the use of cameras and card readers, allowing for a comprehensive audit trail in the advent of a potential attack or even an internal HR incident.

CCTV Surveillance + Detection

Provide surveillance with CCTV, a close-circuited surveillance system designed to privately and securely monitor sites, allowing for 24/7 recording and monitoring for organizations both large and small.

CCTV can be maintained or repaired to a business or operations exact needs, with the ability to opt from traditional analogue recording as a remote but delayed approach to defence, all the way to more modern and robust Internet-connected approaches with IP CCTV, allowing for a wide variety of solutions available to match the wide variety of businesses and operations. The popularity of IP CCTV has allowed for CCTV strategies to be more widely obtainable than ever.

CCTV solutions can help complement any existing security strategy, helping build out the first step of security: identification and detection.

In addition to the traditional security usages, internal CCTV has seen success in providing much-needed back-up in problems ranging from simple staff disagreements to a large-scale incident across multiple sites and locations. The ability to quickly reference footage on the secure network allows you to reference the recording and make decisions with speed and efficiency thereafter.

  • HDI-SDI is typically used in high-end projects where high resolution live video is needed and can help enabling clearer identification
  • IP is ideal for larger projects where a Power over Ethernet (PoE) can be utilised and offers high resolution video at a cost-effective price.
  • Analogue HD is appropriate for large buildings wherein a greater level of detail is required with a low cost, zero latency solution utilizes pre-installed cabling.

The Safetell Difference can help you navigate your security needs to help find a solution that’s perfect for your operation, in coordination with your Security Manager or independent Security Auditor, and can provide, install and maintain electronic CCTV solutions.

It is also possible to integrate ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) into the camera solution, allowing for car tracking and controlling, as well as other bespoke ANPR requirements.


CCTV is frequently used throughout the service and business environments and has become the definitive method of monitoring productivity and security; with solutions in corporate offices, retail shops, banking chains, hospitals, police stations, prisons, car parks, among many others.


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Counter works + Service Desks

Counters and Desks can be designed to your specification to aid transaction of goods and services between staff and customers, offering resistance to the required level with a tailored solution that can harmoniously integrate with your corporate branding and working practices.

Security Windows + Glazing

Security Windows can be tailored to your protection requirements, offering a reinforced glass solution that shields staff from threats, mitigating the potential loss of assets. Security Windows can be built into your building fabric or integrated seamlessly into an existing counter installation, allowing for a bespoke solution to match the requirements of any organisation.

Security Doors + Entry Points

Security Doors can be specified to an organisation’s exact requirements; with a range of designs, resistances, and locking options to maintain easy accessibility for staff while meeting the most demanding security requirements. Our bespoke approach that provides protection and approachability in line with company branding and building aesthetic.

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