Asset Protection

Safetell’s Smoke and Dye is a cash degradation solution designed to instantly taint or damage any cash or protected assets as soon as they move past outside a predefined radius.

Cash Degradation - Smoke + Dye


Smoke and Dye is a covert means of deterring robbery. Consisting of a thin radio receiver linked to a flexible smoke and dye combination, the emission of smoke and dye will gain the attention of the public, assist police inquiries and deter future attempts.

A battery powered unit camouflaged within a bundle of unique banknotes communicates with a nearby transceiver. As soon as the Smoke and Dye unit leaves the assigned 25m range, the device activates and disperses a highly visible combination of smoke and dye. Unique ‘Tracer Dots’ on the banknotes and bundles ensure a clear link between the note and original premises in the event of a robbery or burglary.

In addition, Safetell is able to provide support for ‘Fog Systems’ as necessary.



SMOKENOTE (5 x Smokenote + 1 x Transceiver)
One Smokenote to be installed per till. The pack is concealed within a bundle of bank notes (typically £5, £10 and £20) with unique signatures, and then further concealed by authentic bank notes from the till float.

SMOKEPACK (5 x Smokepack + 1 x Transceiver)
One Smokepack should be installed within your cigarette gantry at regular intervals, camouflaged within more popular brands at your store.

SMOKECARTON (3 x Smokecarton + 1 x Transceiver)
Similar to the Smokepack, Smokecarton should be installed within the cigarette stock area at regular intervals.

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