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Secured Henge


Increase security to a ticket office to help provide a more relaxed working environment



Installed a suite of security products, inc. security glazing and doors, to help develop full secure-line protection

Providing access to one of the wonders of the world is not a responsibility to take lightly, especially as the Stonehenge Visitors Centre in Wiltshire, England is one of the most popular attractions in the UK. The ultra-modern Visitor Centre represents the ingenuity of the monument itself in its design, while still educating, selling and fostering a fun day-out for friends, families, and schools. Taking in over one million visitors per year since its opening, security is always a priority.

Originally opening in 2013, Stonehenge Visitors Centre was constructed and launched with tremendous fanfare. However, in time, the need for greater security became apparent – and the external ticket office clearly required an upgrade to cope.

English Heritage, custodians of the prehistoric Stonehenge monument, approached Safetell with the goal of securing their external Ticket Office; with a desire to provide greater protection and allow their staff to feel as comfortable and relaxed at possible, without hindering customer interaction.

This meant a full counter and screen replacement was needed, strengthening all of their available access points while still providing the seamless communication required for a ticket office. It was important to create a solution that protected the entire ticket office module, without adversely impacting the RIBA award-winning architecture. Safetell’s specialist security knowledge and range of products offered a comprehensive security solution to the ticket office.

Safetell installed an array of security solutions, including Security Glazing (with built-in Speech Transfer), Cash Scoops and a Staffline Door to improve in-office security and customer service efficiency. The diverse selection of physical security and cash management solutions are made easier through Safetell’s in-house Project Management team, allowing for a single-point of communication and supply. From specification, project management, right through to a single point of invoicing.

Turning a standard ticket office into a first-rate security enclosure can be a difficult task and doing so requires understanding the security needs of all stakeholders. Replacing standard service glazing with security glazing grants stronger protection, however, it means replacement solutions for communication and transference are needed. For this reason, Speech Transfer was built into the Security Glazing and Cash Scoops were installed into the counter, to allow for cash and ticket transference from staff to customers.

Paul Farrow, Project Manager at Safetell commented “Our wide range of security products offer solutions for a wide range of environments. With Stonehenge Visitor Centre, it was important to integrate and adapt standard products to suit the bespoke requirements of this acclaimed tourist attraction.”

Safetell is a proud security supplier and servicer to a wide variety of tourist and heritage sites around the United Kingdom.

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