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Safetell’s case studies are a sample of some of the successful projects and work we’re able to complete; from counter works installations to bespoke security doors, CCTV upgrades and swing door automation set-ups.

School's Out For High-Quality IP CCTV Solutions


Charles Darwin School required a cost-effective, future-proofed surveillance solution offering greater quality and reliability



Safetell installed a modern IP CCTV system outputting high-quality 1080p images with speed and durablity

Allowing for teachers to keep a watchful eye on their students, even while their back is turned — CCTV is an important asset to a wide array of schools, colleges, and universities. By providing 24/7 security of the perimeter, CCTV allows education facilities to simultaneously keep an up-to-date record of incidents, reduce on-site crime and maintain security out-of-hours.

Charles Darwin School, Kent, is a large School and Leisure Facility, home to more than 1,200 daily pupils and the wider community using the all-access leisure centre.
The demand for CCTV ensured protection against external intruders as well as a secure recording in case of school-hours incidents.

With limited downtime available during term time, Safetell offered an efficient CCTV proposal that could be installed in modular sections, over the course of multiple orders. As security specialists, Safetell, went in during the school’s half-term break to fit the cameras and software, helping get everything organised and set up with the co-operation of their on-site Network Manager. Throughout, Charles Darwin School was supportive of Safetell’s CCTV proposal that focused on their needs and budget over pushing more costly software.

Safetell’s installation replaced an oudated system that frequently experienced problems such as bad quality and faulty signal with an IP CCTV solution that provides full 1080p HD images without losing any image quality. In addition to the easy expansion, IP also allows for smarter installation and cabling, utilising Power over Ethernet (PoE) as a single cable, as opposed to two cables needed for analogue CCTV. IP CCTV is a new form of security technology that has been revolutionising the security industry and is the best-known method of CCTV future-proofing.

Charles Darwin School was delighted with the overall system, being both impressed by the quality of the coverage, as well as Safetell’s on-site knowledge, specifications, and service. In one aspect, it was possible to cover two corridors with one camera – all thanks to special lenses – saving both time and money for the school as they no longer need additional cameras to cover the corridor.

Dan Buckenham, Technical Support Engineer at Safetell, noted: “Our team of Engineers worked hard to fit the bite-sized installation needs of Charles Darwin School, and our continued support and the possibility of further expansion, means this project was a great success for us and the school.”

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