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Safetell’s case studies are a sample of some of the successful projects and work we’re able to complete; from counter works installations to bespoke security doors, CCTV upgrades and swing door automation set-ups.

Independent Asian Banking Branch


Enhance privacy and security within a London branch of an Independent Bank



Installed bullet resistant counterwork and screens, including a switchable security screen that can transfer between transparent and opaque at the touch of a button

For many prominent Independent banks, it is important to have a global presence. These global branches need to encompass the brand values of the wider organisation, but often on a far smaller scale; catering to the business needs and requirements of specific countries and cities, while maintaining a low overhead and growing profits. This is especially true for the flagship Central London branch of an Independent Asian Bank.

Situated on Shaftesbury Avenue, deep within the heart of the Chinese Community, the Asian Bank recently remodelled and renovated its banking floor to provide greater protection and efficiency.

With the growing threat of crime, especially within the London capital, finding the correct security solution for your business is more crucial than ever. The success of a security strategy is often gauged by the effectiveness of the surrounding companies’ security measures and therefore it is important not to fall behind and turn into a point of weakness.

The Asian Bank decided to specify a security and counterwork solution that will allow for robust protection while preserving the best features of open-counter trading. Safetell installed a suite of bespoke products including: Counterworks – made of a Corian-type material, an MK2 Switchable Ballistic Security Screen, Ballistic Resistant Staffline Doors and CityWall – Ballistic Resistant Walls.

A unique feature used on this project was ballistic resistant switchable glass, allowing for both private working and open trading at the touch of a button. The glass solution transforms a clear cashier window into an opaque glazing window when not in use. This allows the bank to appear to be working at full capacity to the customers, with no obvious ‘Closed’ positions.

In addition, a range of Cash Management products was also installed to help facilitate the speed of service, including bespoke timber till pedestals, cupboards and a Meridian Transfer Unit.

The strengthened security solution was installed by Safetell’s security technicians. It was necessary to create a design that seamlessly embraced the corporate branding of the Asian Bank, while still creating a secure banking hall for the customers.

Paul Wakeling, Business Development Manager at Safetell, stated “Working with this particular London Bank was a great experience. We could bring our vast knowledge and experience of the security industry and its regulations to aid the client architect and main contractor with the design. We then progressed with constructing a counter and screen that provided bullet resistance and installed to the customer’s exacting requirements, on time and with minimal disruption”

Safetell is a proud security supplier to a variety of International Banks.

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