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Safetell’s case studies are a sample of some of the successful projects and work we’re able to complete; from counter works installations to bespoke security doors, CCTV upgrades and swing door automation set-ups.

Place of Worship


To construct an unobtrusive ballistic barrier to secure the entrance of a place of worship with the addition of ornamental railings incorporating an existing motif


Created an aesthetically pleasing ballistic glazed system, with secondary reinforced railings, to span the entrance to the building

It is an acknowledged risk that places of worship are vulnerable to hate crime attacks; an establishment in London approached Safetell with a need to protect the religious community within the building from potential external threat.

Safetell received the enquiry based on architectural conceptual drawings initially accepted by the client. A solution was prepared that would meet the project’s needs to provide protection against manual attack, intrusion, vehicles used as weapons, and firearm attack, as well as keeping an aesthetic unobtrusive appearance, sympathetic with surroundings.

In order to keep the ornate appearance, the security wall was made in two parts, a reinforced version of the ornamental railings that were originally in place were designed and constructed; as well as a secondary ballistic glazed system that spanned the entrance to building behind the railings. This system, in addition to the PAS68 bollards that were installed, shields the building from potential attack with vehicles, ballistic, and manual attack.

Within the project, additional challenges that Safetell overcame, included the need to create a foundation to support the system as it is situated on top of a vaulted crypt; a lot of thought went into a solution to fix the posts securely, despite the weakened 19th-century steels and clinker slab below.

The project required the railings to open outwards, for easy access to the glass for cleaning, as well as having no visible fixings. This was achieved by bespoke hidden latches and hinge mechanisms, as well as colour coordinated cover plates on all external fixings.

The client and Safetell have pro-actively addressed physical security risks, creating a secure and safe environment for a religious community to worship and come together without fear of attack. This is one of many bespoke projects completed by Safetell, creating a solution to suit the project and client requirement.

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