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MET With Approval


The Metropolitan Police Force was seeking a solution that would enable customers to talk more easily with Police front counter staff. They believed that creating a more informal space without conventional full ballistic screens would also decrease hostility; as customers tend to get agitated and aggressive when they are ‘closed in’ and cannot hear and/or understand what is being said. Against this, the Metropolitan Police understandably needed a solution that could still quickly protect their front counter staff if an attack by an aggressive member of the public were to take place.


Safetell recommended the use of their CounterShield product, which gives front counter staff control over how ‘open’ they want their interaction with the public to be. CounterShield offers a sash style security window which is electrically driven and can be set at any position between fully open and fully closed; and can be reactively closed in the event of a threat or attack.

The Met instigated CounterShield as a trial at Barking and Stoke Newington Police stations with great results. After the trials the Metropolitan Police released a report that included the following comments: “We carried out an extensive survey of both staff and customers during the trial, and 94% of our customers agreed that the use of CounterShield had improved communication with frontline Police staff, and in turn 89% of our staff agreed that the new configuration had helped with customer interaction. We have not only created a better front desk environment, we are also confident that we are fulfilling our duty of care to protect customers and staff.”

“We are pleased to report that out of 3,200 customer/Police interactions, the CounterShield was reactively closed only twice. There is no doubt that both staff and customers believe that CounterShield improves interaction and communication, and we are pleased to be playing a part in helping the Police deliver even better customer service.”

“It appears that CounterShield has also done a great job of creating a less stressful environment for customers,” added Anton Pieterse, Managing Director of Safetell.

The Metropolitan Police is currently awaiting further funding to roll out the informal station set up, including CounterShield across a number of Police stations.

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