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Going Postal


Update and transform the daily activity and running operations of thousands of licensed branches nationwide



Networked cash management units helped reduced cash counting and extended opening hours

Carrying out a five-year transformation program is no easy feat, especially across a large networked infrastructure. With so many different elements at play, the chance of something going awry is never far away. Whether it is financial budgeting, branch delays or tight deadlines, there are always variables that need to align successfully when fulfilling a multi-year nationwide contract.

With over 11,500 branches across the country, the Post Office is one of the most recognisable brands in the United Kingdom, offering services to a wide range of customers, from individuals posting gifts to their family; to small, medium and even large businesses distributing their goods through the mail system. And with so many branches, it can be difficult to maintain a coherent corporate identity with a unified product infrastructure.

Over the course of five years, Safetell provided a breadth of time-delayed Cash Management equipment offering cashier and counter protection; in the form of Cash Tills, BidiSafe, RollerCash and RollerCash Trio, allowing for instant depositing and time-delayed cash withdrawal from a single position.

Time plays a major role in any criminal offence, and introducing forced time-delay in burglary or robbery demonstrably reduces the risk of assets being seized. Safetell’s intelligent time-delayed equipment changes the power dynamic in a robbery scenario, moving the aggression away from a staff member to the mechanics of the machine.

Safetell’s bespoke solution revolutionised thousands of Post Office branches, from the smallest Local Branch in the heart of small communities in towns and villages to large, flagship Crown Post Offices; designed to cater to everyone’s office, business and mail needs in one single location. Through this, Safetell was able to help contribute native cash protection, allowing for greater customer engagement and service.

Building upon the instantaneous network support offered by unique products, Safetell’s equipment helped contribute to Post Office’s greater renovation strategy, which has led to great success for the postal service.

Adrian Winstanley, Key Account Manager for Post Office, noted the success of the long-term contract stating, “Over the five years, the relationship between Post Office and Safetell remained steadfast as Safetell delivered and installed their specified products to branches throughout the country. At certain times, we leveraged our resources and developed specialised equipment for their needs. We look forward to working with the Post Office for many more years to come.”

Safetell designs, develops, installs and maintains a diverse range of staff and asset protection products to operations across the United Kingdom and Internationally.

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