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Safetell’s case studies are a sample of some of the successful projects and work we’re able to complete; from counter works installations to bespoke security doors, CCTV upgrades and swing door automation set-ups.

Bullet Proof Campus


Securely provide protection to students and staff within a Northern University



Safetell fabricated a bespoke solution, combining bullet resistant CityWall, highly resistant glazing and counters to help enhance campus security, alleviating staff and student stress.

Experiencing new things, growing as a person, finding first loves. Universities have been held as a bastion of education, culture and growth for hundreds of years and for this reason, universities are increasingly becoming vulnerable to physical attack; including both localised issues involving the student body, as well as greater threats in the form of extremist terror attacks.

The development and maintenance of a security strategy is of essential importance throughout all expansion and renovation projects, and this is true no more so than one University in Greater Manchester, which is currently undergoing significant investment and renovation. With terror incidents on education facilities hitting a 40 year high, there’s no question that the security and well-being of the next generation of leaders is important.

Catering to over 20000 students per annum, the Manchester-based University places a high priority on developing the best – and safest – facilities possible for its large student and workforce. When the need for a secure, bullet-resistant cash office became apparent, Safetell was able to provide a security solution that met their needs to the standard of the Counter Terrorism & Security Act 2015.

Safetell was able to engineer a bespoke solution in-house, allowing for the experienced team to develop and install the secure cash office on-site in no time at all. Using CityWall – Ballistic Resistant Walling to create counter fronts and headers, Mark II Ballistic Screens and Desks and a Staffline Door to provide bullet resistant access, the new cash office provides its staff with a comfortable and relaxed working environment.

Safetell’s modern Speech Transfer technology allows for the seamless benefits of open counter communication to remain, using a directional transference for the microphone, eliminating prominent background noise while still clearly picking up on the customer.

Matt Cartwright, Business Development Manager at Safetell, noted, “Working with the University was a great experience, and our knowledgeable installation team, combined with our specified products, allowed for a great project turnaround that met the specified requirements.”

Safetell is a proud installer and supplier of bespoke security solutions.

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