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Safetell’s case studies are a sample of some of the successful projects and work we’re able to complete; from counter works installations to bespoke security doors, CCTV upgrades and swing door automation set-ups.

Big City Parking


Protect staff in a cash office environment without affecting the customer experience



Safetell installed a highly-resistant counter and glazing solution with speech transference and two-tier counters for accessibility.

Finding parking in densely populated areas is always a difficult task, with more cars, congestion and people filling the streets every day. With limited space available within a city, finding a valid space for a new build office, while at the same time serving and storage a number of cars can be difficult to achieve. This is the case for one Council Parking cash office.

Situated within North-East London, within the historic borough of Hackney, Hackney Council was aiming to redevelop and relocate their Parking Offices to a more permanent home, following the conclusion of their temporary contract at a nearby site. Hackney Council was looking for an area that provided suitable space as a car pound, whilst also being able to support administrative work, in addition, to support in the form of a customer-facing cash office.

Hackney Borough reached out to secure counterwork specialists Safetell to provide a bespoke solution that met their requirements. The counterwork and glazing was designed specifically for resistance against manual and bullet attack, whilst still offering all the benefits of traditional customer-facing, open counter trading.

The bespoke counterworks, enabled with a directional bridgebar Speech Transfer system, help provides the clarity and communication of a traditional cash office, with heightened protection for the staff and assets contained within. In addition, the dual two-tier set up provides enhanced equality access for all, in line with the Equality Act 2010.

The secure cash room was built from CityWall – Ballistic Walling to create the counter fronts and headers, and the glazing was specified as Fixed Ballistic Glazing – Mark II, to allow for reinforced strength and attack. In addition, a Staffline Door was fitted and supported by pre-existing Swing Door Automation specifications.

Matt Cartwright, Business Development Manager at Safetell notes, “Working with Hackney Borough and the Parking Office team was a great experience. Safetell’s ability to craft bespoke products help us go the extra distance in crafting cost-effective and timely security solutions.”

Safetell is a proud designer, manufacturer, and installer of a range of bullet resistant attack solutions.

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