Case Study

Safetell’s case studies are a sample of some of the successful projects and work we’re able to complete; from counter works installations to bespoke security doors, CCTV upgrades and swing door automation set-ups.

As Pawned On TV


Provide protection to a secure retail environment retaining high value items


A counterwork and screen installation, allowing for secure product transfer through door airlocks and transfer units

Physical security is incredibly important to every business, but no more so than customer-facing retail operations – for the protection of both valuable assets and hard-working staff. For pawnbrokers, the importance of security is even greater – as bespoke, one-of-a-kind products can pass through daily. If a delicate or rare belonging becomes damaged or stolen, the returning customer loses faith, but more importantly, you lose out on the value and chances of resale.

Established lender Prestige Pawnbrokers knows this well. As the stars of Channel 4’s long-running series Posh Pawn, their store floor and storage units are regularly being viewed by millions nationwide, which is why it is important to provide a secure facility, while also maintaining a great aesthetic throughout.

Prestige Pawnbrokers launched the pawnbroker business to areas not previously explored by taking in high value, exotic and unique items. It was, therefore, imperative to make sure their new headquarters, based in Hatton Garden, London, was secured appropriately. Prestige needed a security solution that provided all the communication and function of open-counter trading, without the risk of actually operating an open-counter surface.

Safetell installed a full floor-to-ceiling Counter, Screen and Partitioning solution to solidify and create a full secure-line. In addition, two Staffline Security Doors were added to form a secure airlock lobby.

As part of their Cash Management range, the physical security specialists Safetell installed a Meridian 35 Transfer Unit in-between the two service windows, allowing customers to securely pass large items through to the staff, without the employees having to leave their position.

The use of a secure airlock, deep pass through trays and a Meridian Transfer Unit, along with the bespoke design, means that the staff can work in a continuously secure environment. These products, used in combination together, provides an overall security solution that protects staff and maintains swift product trading to ensure that the opportunity of robbery is dramatically reduced.

Paul Wakeling, Business Development Manager at Safetell, was proud of the project, noting that “Prestige was so happy with the installation, James Constantinou – Managing Director at Prestige Pawnbrokers – contacted us again soon after he had purchased another premises to secure another shop in Manchester, in which we responded quickly by using our in-house team to adapt our extensive design library for roll-out in no time at all.”

Safetell is a proud security supplier and servicer of physical security products and solutions.