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Safetell’s case studies are a sample of some of the successful projects and work we’re able to complete; from counter works installations to bespoke security doors, CCTV upgrades and swing door automation set-ups.

Accessible Banking


Improve accessibility within a corporate building integrated with an existing Access Control solution



Installed an enhanced Swing Door Automation system for heavier doors
and developed controls to avoid conflict with existing systems

As Equality of Access continues to be a major factor for both new and existing buildings, it is of essential importance to understand and provide accessibility in traditionally difficult areas. For the corporate head offices of one banking group, being able to offer access in accordance with the Equality Act, is just the next progressive step in helping shape the welcoming vision of the brand.

Situated in the centre of the City of Leeds, within one of the most prominent business districts, one Northern Bank wanted to be able to link their existing Access Control solution with an enhanced Swing Door Automation system to allow ease of access for visitors and staff alike.

With a large estate of over 200 branches and four head offices, the Northern Bank has developed into a regular partner for Safetell, helping secure and aid several of their premises. For this project, the difficulty came from finding a solution that carried the weight of the heavier existing entrance doors, while also neatly integrating with the networked access control system without the need for messy cabling and wires.

Safetell needed to think outside of the box to develop a strengthened automation solution that accomplished all this. In doing so, they manufactured bespoke hardware and designed an electronic interface that removed the pre-existing conflicts with the electronic locking. As a result, the need for additional and unsightly cabling was cleanly eliminated.

Once the solution was decided and approved, Safetell’s workforce of engineers safely and efficiently installed the automation system, providing a forward-looking security system that successfully combines door security and wheelchair access, in accordance with Equality Act 2010.

The change in lifestyle is witnessed by no one better than the receptionist staff, noting; “The new automatic doors are beneficial to many of our colleagues and our team working on the reception desk. A number of our colleagues struggled with the old doors as they were heavy to open and now the push button allows easy access. Our General Assistants find the doors practical by being able to manoeuvre heavy loads and equipment without a struggle. Overall, the doors have enabled access with ease for all.”

Neil Rollerson, Sales Manager at Safetell, noted on the recent project that the Northern Bank “has been delighted with the result and is considering a further 10 systems.”

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