Standards + Classifications

Manual Attack, Bullet, and Blast Resistance solutions for products, such as Security Doors or Security Windows, all need to be tested for certification. With different levels of certification all offering a range of different protection levels, the difference can be considered a matter of life and death as a single incorrect resistance specification can ruin an entire security solution – risking lives and reputation.

Blast Attack Protection

Created by the European Committee for Standardization, the European Standard EN 13123/124-1 and EN 13123/124-2 are internationally recognized standards used to qualify the protection provided of security structures and products (complete with fillings and locks). To receive certification, products are independently tested on sites with companies such as Comblast in highly regulated environments to provide the level of protection requested. Safetell products have also been tested to ISO 16933.

Please see the blast ratings below. Ratings are to the actual need, i.e. 5 tons/m2 of 180 milliseconds (ms) and to an equivalent of 100kg of TNT at a given distance.

Blast Resistant Classifications EN13123-1 Shock Tube Test (Doors, Windows, Shutters)

 Classification EPR1 (Splinters / No Splinters)

Peak Pressure (bar): 0.5

Positive specific impulse I + (bar-ms): 3.7

Duration (ms): >20

 Classification EPR3 (Splinters / No Splinters)

Peak Pressure (bar): 1.5

Positive specific impulse I + (bar-ms): 15

Duration (ms): >20

 Classification EPR2 (Splinters / No Splinters)

Peak Pressure (bar): 1

Positive specific impulse I + (bar-ms): 9

Duration (ms): >20

 Classification EPR4 (Splinters / No Splinters)

Peak Pressure (bar): 2

Positive specific impulse I + (bar-ms): 22

Duration (ms): >20

Blast Resistant Classifications EN13123-2 Range Test (Doors, Windows, Shutters)

 Classification EXR1 (Splinters / No Splinters)

Mass of TNT explosive charge (kg): 3

Distance: 5m

 Classification EXR3 (Splinters / No Splinters)

Mass of TNT explosive charge (kg): 12

Distance: 5.5m

 Classification EXR5 (Splinters / No Splinters)

Mass of TNT explosive charge (kg): 20

Distance: 4m

 Classification EXR2 (Splinters / No Splinters)

Mass of TNT explosive charge (kg): 3

Distance: 3m

 Classification EXR4 (Splinters / No Splinters)

Mass of TNT explosive charge (kg): 12

Distance: 4m

Building Security + Staff Protection

Find a security solution to fit your organisations requirements; from manual attack resistant cash counters, windows and moving security screens; to bullet resistant doors, partitions, and interlocking door airlocks, Safetell offers a wide array of bespoke solutions built upon an expansive range of options, allowing for unique solutions to be designed specially to protect staff and assets.

Asset Protection

Protect your organisation from theft with cash and asset storage and transfer systems, customised to your operational requirements. Asset Protection helps maintain the secure-line for bulk pass-through and provides storage functions to reduce the risk of harm or damage to a secure environment, and the staff and items within.

Intruder Detection + Monitoring

Gain insight into your organisation with Access Control and CCTV, designed to provide a top-level overview while enhancing security and deterrence through the use of cameras and card readers, allowing for a comprehensive audit trail in the advent of a potential attack or even an internal HR incident.


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