Intruder Detection + Monitoring

Intruder Detection and Monitoring is a method of reinforcing a security strategy with electronic surveillance, locking and records.

Access Control + Monitoring

From single door security to large networked estates, Access Control and Monitoring is a form of operational door security to control and limit access to individuals. Designed initially as a straight-forward security solution to restrict access to certain parts of buildings, the capabilities of Access Control has developed into a range of configurable options that can provide your business a range of additional information, including integrating with building management systems, as well as time and attendance, allowing for a solution that can be designed from the ground-up for an organisation or business of any size. As your business and Access Control needs grow, so can our solution, scaling up your access control needs as and when necessary.

Access Control provides greater security through restricting and monitoring access to doorways and geographical areas through card systems, fobs and a range of other Token formats.

A range of opportunities are available, such as including configurable access groups for specific times, areas, or days. In addition, Access Control streamlines HR processes, even including some simplified workforce management controls, such as time and attendance recording.

Access Control is frequently used in a range of different sectors, from single door dental surgeries to entire multi-site enterprises with thousands of doors, each with their own requirements.

The Safetell Difference is being able to take a product and tailor it to your needs, providing a consultative project management experience; from the first contact to us to the installation and support of your bespoke request. With 30 years of knowledge and experience in the security industry, Safetell is able to provide an Access Control solution to your specification that not only matches an existing security plan but enhances.

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Access Control



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Counter works + Service Desks

Counters and Desks can be designed to your specification to aid transaction of goods and services between staff and customers, offering resistance to the required level with a tailored solution that can harmoniously integrate with your corporate branding and working practices.

Security Windows + Glazing

Secure Walling can add resistance to any staff or asset protection solution; from reinforcing an external walling system to building an ATM enclosure room, helping provide a modular approach to bullet and blast resistance, and reducing the chance of attackers gaining access to secure areas.

Security Doors + Entry Points

Security Doors can be specified to an organisation’s exact requirements; with a range of designs, resistances, and locking options to maintain easy accessibility for staff while meeting the most demanding security requirements. Our bespoke approach that provides protection and approachability in line with company branding and building aesthetic.

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