A New Perspective

Security & the Pandemic

We are all facing challenges as a result of the unprecedented times we find ourselves within. Our daily routines are a thing of the past and “taking it easy” has become the remedy to cure our distress. But one thing we should not let up on is the security of our commercial properties.

Having shifted to a ‘work from home approach’ the office spaces that were once teeming with life are now only sporadically visited even as the lockdown implementations ease.

The current situation poses a new risk which industry expert Sarb Sembhi, CISO & CTO for Virtually Informed summarises as “the perfect storm for cyber and physical security attacks”.

In his article for IFSEC Global, he discusses how the lack of activity leaves our “empty business castles” prone to a physical attack as there is a lower chance of criminals being seen. Not only because buildings are empty, there are also few people around the building, the street or as a matter of fact anywhere outside of their homes due to Government advice.  

So, what can be done to protect our home away from home?

Safetell is a market leading Physical Security product and service provider, with over 30 years of experience supplying a broad field of industries with full comprehensive protection for employees, sensitive data, technology and other valuable assets against attacks, intrusions and theft. Safetell have introduced a range of entrance security solutions to mitigate risk of tailgating, unauthorised access and entry with weapons that are suitable for a range of clients including corporate buildings, government buildings, museums, universities and data centres.

Moreover, due to the risks surrounding COVID-19 transmission, The Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI) has outlined some pivotal strategies businesses can follow to stay safe and secure. They include making hand sanitiser readily available, implementing regular cleaning schedules and managing access into an establishment.

The latter can be enforced using Safetell’s ‘Staff Controlled Public Access System’. It enables staff to remotely control how many people can enter an establishment. Not only can it be used with existing access control systems, it also adheres to social distancing policy as it can be utilised from a distance, for example a receptionist or staff member at a till position – no need for a staff member to man the door.  

We may not know what the future will bring or how the landscape will change, but whatever comes your way know that Safetell is committed to being the backbone of your security every step of the way. Only time will tell what is to come, but rest assured you will be safe with us.


Curved Tripod Turnstile

Tripod Turnstiles

Render of a speed gate in closed position

Speed Gates GT

Staff Controlled Public Access

Curved glass panels formed together to create cylinder shaped portal.

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