Clean Up On Aisle 9

A broom and some cones were all that was required when an explosion ripped through a supermarket chain’s ATM pod in Aspley Huddersfield. The explosion was the result of a gas attack, employed to destroy the ATM installed in a Safetell designed ATM Pod. The attack was a bid to steal cash and the attempt was ultimately unsuccessful thanks to the robust design of Safetell’s CityWall ATM pod.

An independent survey commissioned following the attempted robbery detailed how the room was filled with gas, and how the ensuing explosion destroyed the ATM along with all services within the Safetell ATM Pod. Whilst there was some distortion of wall panels, roof, and door, this was nothing compared to the disruption to electronics, alarms and the cash machine itself. Whilst the ATM is now totally inoperable, the cash remained safe and the protection offered by Safetell’s CityWall ATM Pod warns criminals in the Aspley area to focus their efforts elsewhere.

CityWall bullet/blast resistant walls and partitioning can also be used in new build and retrofit applications. Versatile panels come in a range of colours, sizes and resistance levels, plus ATM apertures can be specified to reduce installation time and disruption on site. Safetell’s experts offer a full service from specification to ongoing service to ensure that your security upgrade is a smooth experience, regardless of whether you are constructing a new premise, or upgrading the protection of an existing building.

Sean McCrory, High Security Projects Manager at Safetell, noted “CityWall should now be considered a staple to any robust security solution.  While CityWall has always been rigorously tested and certified against fire, firearms and a blast up to 100kg of TNT at 25 metres, it’s clear that it was more than capable of withstanding the blast explosion produced by a gas attack on this occasion.”

Neil Foster, Senior Product Manager at ASDA Money, followed-up, “As you can see, Safetell’s ATM Pod assembled from the CityWall panels is the only thing left standing. It’s ensured the thieves left empty handed and won’t return. The disruption to our store and risk to the public could have been far greater had the blast breached the ATM pod.”

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