Cutting Through The Hype with Anton Pieterse

The Office for National Statistics states that traditional crime has fallen by almost 70% since its nadir in 1995. It’s cause for celebration as the general trend in crime stats seems to be positive. However, I hate to be a pessimist, but if we look past the headlines and into the detail, there are some worrying trends emerging.

Annual changes in recorded offences to Sept 2017 show:
• 29% increase in robberies
• 21% increase in knife crime
• 26% increase in cases involving possession of a weapon
• 20% increase in violence against victim

It shows that violent crime is very much on the rise and needs to be considered as part of an organisation’s security strategy; particularly any business interacting with the general public.

So, We Should be Wearing Kevlar Vests, Right?

Wrong. Violent crime is emotive by its very nature, and often leads to those at risk conjuring up their own extreme solution or specification. This solution is often a grudge purchase that is invasive, costly and impedes working practices. But a Security Solutions Manufacturer who adopts a collaborative approach to specification can offer a range of solutions that are tailored to your specific needs, rather than offering what you think you need (Which can often lead to something altogether more costly and ineffective).For instance, what if I told you it’s possible to offer protection against knife attacks, and still offer open counter trading, or you could improve access, light and space in your branches whilst protecting from armed robberies? It’s an interesting dichotomy, but it’s one we deal with every day here at Safetell.

So take the time to talk through the root of your concerns with us and you may just find that unlike the headlines, the reality is better than you expected.

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