Safetell’s 13 Year Partnership with UK Post Office Continues via CBRE

Physical security supplier Safetell became a preferred supplier to the Post Office in September 2004 and since then has worked with the Post Office on numerous roll-out programmes.

When the Post Office announced the Network Transformation Programme in 2011, Safetell played a vital role in one of the largest transformation projects undertaken in Europe.

The programme introduced open plan and screenless working to Post Office branches and was planned to run until March 2016, then was extended to March 2018. Staff safety and cash protection remained critical to the operation of the new branch layout and Safetell has provided a range of cash handling equipment including time delayed cash safes.

The team at Safetell successfully supplied and installed time delayed cash management safes to more than 7,000 Post Office branches. Safetell’s equipment was tailored to the various sites whether it was a Crown Office or a smaller village outlet. During peak times in the programme, Safetell installed more than 300 time delayed cash management units per month.

Now that the bulk of the Network Transformation Programme is ending, Safetell has arranged to provide essential service and maintenance work to the Post Office via managed service group CBRE and this can only be accomplished by utilising a well trained and skilled network of Safetell security vetted technical team based all over the UK.

Anton Pieterse, Managing Director for Safetell commented:

“When you remove your security screens that have protected your staff and cash for many years you have to ensure that the cash handling equipment you rely on is safe and secure. The “cocktail” of Safetell time delayed cash management equipment provides that peace of mind. We can supply time delayed cash management safes that suit your budget whether you are as large an outlet as a Post Office Crown Office branch in the centre of London, or a smaller independently owned village Post Office in the rural UK. At Safetell our experienced sales and projects team evaluate your security needs and will advise you on the best solution that will suit your budget

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