Uniquely Working Together with Neil Rollerson

Having obtained my Visa, passed through customs, and moved down South to join Safetell in the early 1990s, I have always wondered if I would ever escape back. Well, to be honest, things aren’t much different down here, they just talk a bit funny.

As a Design Engineer, I’ve always been drawn to challenges and it’s this that drew me to Safetell Ltd in 1991 when Safetell came over from Australia, taking with them a ground-breaking method of thwarting armed robbery and attack. I worked well with the newly relocated Aussies as, like my flat-capped friends back home (they still believe we wear them), they have a lovely way of cutting through the pomp and driving through extraordinary physical security solutions, despite many apparent impasses. This led to many more unique products derived from seemingly impossible needs and concerns from our customers.

When we work ‘together with’ customers, we can achieve great things. Working together as a team and managing expectations encourages the adventure into unchartered territory, helping Safetell specify a security solution that is completely bespoke and original to the customer in question.

At Safetell, we are well prepared with a competent 3D Modelling Design Team and a wealth of Project Management support. ‘But’ there are always surprises around the corner and unique solutions, by definition, rarely go smoothly.

Preparing customers for a bumpy ride may sound a little negative, but in my experience, people find the honest approach most refreshing. With the so-called Standard Products or at least defined requirements, it can be different. We have a different approach here, arising out of numerous roll-out programs we are fortunate to be involved in.

At Safetell, we keep ourselves informed and educated on relevant standards and threats, which allows us to help customers make informed decisions, often resulting in very unique one-of-a-kind solutions. I use the term ‘unique’ because bespoke requirements very often result in ‘unique’ solutions.

The real challenge is winning acceptance of timescales sufficient to deliver Rome in longer than a day. How many people leave the hardest tasks till last? My message is simple; act now…

Help is at hand if you want to make the seemingly impossible, possible, from a team you can trust, i.e. you and us. Together ‘we’ can provide the highest levels of quality from the initial design stage to the project being delivered and beyond. We can carry out a site survey and prepare a detailed solution for your requirements. At Safetell, we are experts when it comes to bespoke and unique physical security solutions. We work with you, working together to find your unique solution… eventually.

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