Challenge: Create a relaxed and secure environment with greater accessibility, while retaining a high level of security

Solution: Installed CounterShield and a range of specialist security protects to help accessibility and protection

The Metropolitan (MET) Police is the largest police force in the United Kingdom, and one of the biggest in the world. For this reason, it is imperative for them to be a standard-bearer in physical security, staff protection and accessibility. With hundreds of staff, visitors, criminals and victims passing through the MET’s branches every day, versatility of approach is needed, allowing for all types of personal interaction and protection.

In West London, a typical Police Station is of integral value to the community. With crucial and time-sensitive matters regularly being dealt with, it is essential to provide a warm and accessible environment for the range of visitors attending.

Working under a contract on behalf of the MET Police, Safetell was appointed as security specialists for the project – fulfilling the MET’s need for best in class for physical security and accessibility solutions. In keeping with plans to create a more open-plan and less threatening police environment, as well as enhancing access in accordance with the Equality Act 2010, Safetell installed a bespoke version of their moving security screen product, CounterShield, as well as a suite of additional security products (including a accessible interview room counter, security doors, door automation and manual attack resistant fixed glazing). Safetell were a key source of knowledge throughout the project, functioning as a security specialist and knowledge base.

CounterShield, in conjunction with Swing Door Automation, helped form a dedicated interview room; where users can simply touch a button to open a door and enter a room. Once in, the interviewer on the other side can then control the security level of the interview by raising or lowering the manual attack resistant Countershield together with secure locking of the door. CounterShield allows officers to tune the level of protection to the situation at hand depending on threat levels.

Safetell’s work on the Police Station highlights the importance of equality and accessibility when working and thinking about the modern security environment. With an abundance of physical security solutions on offer, the operation changes from company protection to staff protection – and with that comes the need for equality of access.

Ian Lyth, Project Manager at Safetell, notes “Working with Shepherd’s Bush Police Station was a smooth process. We were able to listen to their concerns, and install a full solution that provides equality for both staff and customers.”

Safetell is a designer, manufacturer, installer and maintenance provider of accessibility products and physical security solutions to an array of sectors.

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