Shop-worker abuse on the rise

‘Rising Crime’

Criminal offences against staff and shop assistants across the United Kingdom has risen a staggering 25% in a year, a new study finds, highlighting the urgent need for much improved security management with better-quality physical security against intruders and aggressors across the national high street and retail network.

The report comes in from the annual Retail Crime Survey, published on 2 February 2017 by the British Retail Consortium (BRC), reviewing events from 2016. Many of the attacks found were connected to shoplifting and violence, with cyber-attacks and threats also being of large concern to the retailers asked by the BRC. In addition, the report also clarifies that “violence and abuse against staff is almost unanimously regarded as the [highest] priority crime risk facing the retail industry.”

Safetell operates using a security strategy called ‘Deter and Delay by Design,’ a personalised approach that is designed to protect businesses and staff now, alleviating much greater costs in the future. From Physical Security, to Cash Management and Access, it’s necessary for all businesses to consider their staff welfare and assets, to get ahead on crime and ultimately protect staff from abuse.


The report from the BRC finds the total direct cost of retail crime at an enormous £660 million, of which was an almost direct result of 3.6 million offenses of retail crime. The total cost of theft across the industry came in at £438 million.

As expensive as unreliable security can be, the real cost is felt in the staff and abuse victims who no longer can trust their workplace to be a safe working environment. This may include cost in the form of injury and stress, as well as counselling and downtime.

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