SECURABLINDS – Manual Attack and Blast Resistant Blinds

SECURABLINDS Manual Attack and Blast Resistant Blinds provide enhanced protection against explosion and forced entry.

  • SECURABLINDS are able to be retrofitted without disturbing existing exterior glazing
  • Provide protection against up to either 500kg of explosive at 28m or up to 100kg of explosive at 25m, and enhanced protection against forced entry
  • Closure of SECURABLINDS are caused by the blast wave and therefore require no electronics or mechanism for closure
  • Looks and acts as a typical blind in an office environment, and consequently target hardening is not obvious
  • SECURABLINDS can be applied to just the windows in areas at risk, providing a cost effective solution

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SECURABLINDS provide protection against blast and or forced entry.

SECURABLINDS are tested against ISO16933 and have also been accredited by the American Department of State (DOS) for prevention of forced entry.

Two variants of SECURABLINDS product are certified by CPNI (Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure) blast testing, achieving the following ratings:

  • 100kg of TNT Equivalent @ 33m – Minimal Hazard
  • 100Kg of TNT Equivalent @ 25m – Low Hazard
  • 500kg of TNT Equivalent @ 28m – No/Minimal/Low Hazard

Independently tested and accredited by Comblast for protection against 100kg and 500kg TNT Equivalent.


SECURABLINDS are bespoke manufactured to fit the requirement of each project, with a variety of different options available – call Safetell for assistance


The SECURABLINDS outer frame is custom manufactured with the corresponding number of fastening points dictated by a ‘pull test’ carried out on every building to determine the frame requirements.

Where a building substrate has insufficient strength, a ‘reinforcing profile’ is installed between the upper concrete slab and the lower floor slab. Secure Walling in the form of Safetell Bullet Resistant Partitioning is available.

Reinforcing in this manner enables each blind to be secured through the reinforcing profile and be bolted to the adjacent blind.

Corporate Buildings

SECURABLINDS have been installed into a range of corporate buildings in London to provide both protection against blast and forced entry

Data Centres

SECURABLINDS are ideal for target hardening at risk areas of buildings holding business critical servers and communications equipment


Variants of SECURABLINDS are CPNI accredited for use in national infrastructure projects

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