Secondary Security Glazing

Enhanced protection without disruption.

Secondary Security Windows provide additional security in instances where existing windows need additional reinforcement with an added level of resistance to help fend off attacks without the need to modify or alter the original window.

Designed to be unobtrusive to avoid drawing attention to high-security areas within a building, Secondary Security Windows are frequently used to protect staff in secure enclosures, such as cash offices and other higher risk areas, without changing or removing existing windows.

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Technical Information

Framework and trims are steel and powder coated finish or optional high quality satin polished stainless steel.

The security windows are kept closed at all times of risk with occasional cleaning achievable by removal of full height lockable bar to slide the glazing sections open.

Resistance Levels

13.5mm Laminated Glass – Resistant against manual attack offense with hammers and iron bars

36mm Laminated Glass –  Ballistic resistant to offer protection to G1 level of BS5051, Part 1 (1998) and forms of shotgun attack

42mm Laminated Glass  – Ballistic Resistant to G2 / S86 levels of BS 5051, Part 1 (1998)

Additional Notes

  • Framework and trims are steel and can be powder coated finished or optionally, a high quality satin stainless steel polish is available
  • Optional tinted or obscure panels
  • Optional fixed glazed panels


Solutions are available for retail environments, such as high street shops, shopping malls, corporate head offices, pawnbrokers, retail outlet parks, among others. Our solutions are regularly used to provide bespoke protection to organisations trading assets such as large sums of cash, jewellery, technology, and one-of-a-kind antiques, in addition to providing staff protection and security when required.


Solutions are available for education facilities, such as primary schools, middle schools, secondary schools and higher education organisations, such as colleges and universities. Our solutions can provide protection to staff and students to bespoke requirements. In addition, our team is able to work around the school schedule with the ability to provide installation during school holidays.

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