Night Pay Hatch

Transfer goods safely once the shop is shut. Night Pay Hatches – sometimes referred to as Nightpay – are bulk steel units designed for the transference of goods, cash and service as days turn into nights and the outside environment becomes more dangerous.

Providing late and overnight supplies is an important service when running a busy Filling Station with a large forecourt, or a 24-hour pharmacy in an insecure location. Night Pay Hatches are the perfect way to help securely transfer products.

Designed to allow for secure transaction of cash and goods all night long; providing a safe environment for single members of staff to work in without having to worry about their health and safety.

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Technical Information

Night Pay Hatches feature a movable upper payment tray, extending lower bulk item drawer, and stainless steel body construction. If Speech Transfer is needed, a CashFast – Night Pay Drawer can be used for native speech transference. A small slant in the top of the hatch allows for seamless cash and payments to go through, without touching the larger bulk unit underneath. When set up to work in coordination with Security Glazing and Speech Transfer for Petrol and Filling Stations, the Night Pay Hatch is typically used as a way to keep a shopfront open with a single member of staff, maximising hours of trade while reducing the risk to staff.


Height: 185mm

Width: 533mm

Depth: 362mm

Additional Notes

Night Pay Hatches are typically used in forecourts, late night pharmacies and other operations in which payments and goods need to be transferred.


Solutions are available for medical facilities, such as NHS hospitals, 24/7 accident and emergency (A&E) surgeries, general surgeries, dentists, opticians, among others. Our solutions for the healthcare sector can protect staff from aggressors while maintaining secure ease-of-operation cash and asset transfer.

Filling Stations

Solutions are available for petrol filling stations, including petrol forecourts and open all hours independent stores. Filling Stations often require a high level of security throughout the day and night, with a need to provide staff and asset protection for all working hours. Our solutions for Filling Stations often involve staff protection while still maintaining bulk trading to consumers throughout the night.

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