MERIDIAN Module combines the resistance, protection and design of a Pay Point Window with a MERIDIAN Transfer Unit and Steel Door, creating a complete single unit with the benefit of two forms of transfer in a single service position, maximizing staff efficiency.


Constructed as a combination of three of the most reputable Safetell products, MERIDIAN Composite is a proven solution for external usage, including bullet resistance and offering a choice of transfer sizes.

Incorporating the protection of a Security Door, the visibility of Security Glazing, and the reliability of the MERIDIAN Transfer Unit, MERIDIAN Composite is a product specially designed for external product transfer. The unit provides a secure method of transferring cash, goods and valuables in external locations.

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Technical Information

The Meridian Module combines two proven Safetell products; the Stalwart steel door and the Meridian Transfer Unit. It provides a solution for the secure transfer of cash and valuables in external locations. The whole unit offers significant manual and ballistic attack resistance.

Features a Steel Door locked by a Chubb 3R35 mortice locking latch with electrical door release fitted into the stile.

Meridian 70 has electronically controlled interlocking doors with battery backup in the event of power failure.

The outer frame and external door are factory primed ready for finishing on site, whilst the Meridian 70 is powder coated light grey.


Height: 990mm

Width: 785mm

Structural Height: 1000mm

Structural Width: 800mm



MERIDIAN 70 176kg

Colours and Finishes

The outer frame and external door are factory primed ready for finishing on site, whilst the MERIDIAN Transfer Unit 70 is powder coated light grey. The surrounding framework for the security laminated glass vision panel and the external audio cover are both finished in satin polished stainless steel.

Activation and Control

The external door can be either opened by a key held by the courier or by the courier alerting the staff by the call button/microphone. Once the door is open a member of staff controls the access of the electronically controlled Meridian doors – only one door can be opened at a time. Each door opens 90 degrees to rest; closing is assisted by gas springs to ensure positive latching.


The outer frame is secured into a prepared opening and then the Meridian is secured into the frame. Two electrical power points need to be located near the module to provide power to the Meridian 70 and the electrical door release/intercom. A 13amp double socket is required for the unit.

Resistance Level

MERIDIAN Module offers significant manual attack and ballistic attack resistance in accordance with G1 and G2 and BSEN 1522: 1999.

MERIDIAN Transfer Unit is in-house tested to provide G2 level of ballistic resistance with both unit doors shut.

Additional Notes

The unit is designed to be installed into a prepared structural opening of 800mm wide x 1000mm high with cavities closed and finished. If the install location does not have sufficient wall width to support the unit we can provide wall enhancement with CityWall.


Solutions are available for retail environments, such as high street shops, shopping malls, corporate head offices, pawnbrokers, retail outlet parks, among others. Our solutions are regularly used to provide bespoke protection to organisations trading assets such as large sums of cash, jewellery, technology, and one-of-a-kind antiques, in addition to providing staff protection and security when required.


Solutions are available for banking environments, such as high street banks, corporate head offices and building societies. Our solutions are especially ideal for banking organisations which may need to secure high-value cash and assets, in addition to providing robust security for both the staff and buildings protected by the organisation.

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