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Safetell Cash Scoops, pass trays, cash transfer trays are designed to enable the transaction of cash and documents under fixed glazing protecting staff from attack and robbery.

Three standard depths (40mm, 75mm & 110mm) are typically immediately available from Safetell stock, subject to demand. Bespoke sizes can be manufactured to order.

Safetell cash scoops are constructed from stainless steel for durability.

Alternate Safetell Cash Scoop Models & Speech Transfer

  • Cash Scoop With Slider
  • Cash Scoop – Bullet Resistant
  • Speech Transfer – Bridgebar type
  • Speech Transfer – Surface type

Additional Safetell Capability

  • Single module Safetell Paypoint security windows incorporating cash scoop
  • Bullet or attack resistant secure-line security glazing and counterwork
  • Bullet, attack, fire, fire exit, or blast resistant security doors, walls
  • CCTV systems repair, maintenance, installation
  • Access Control system repair, maintenance, installation
  • Cashier tills, pedestals, and other cashier equipment

For more details or assistance call Safetell on 01322 22 32 33, or email sales@safetell.co.uk

Key Benefits

  • Low Cost
  • Stainless steel
  • Three standard sizes
  • Immediate availability subject to demand
  • Bespoke sizes on request